Monday, February 8, 2010

Dining vs Eating

Sunday Dabney and I ate at Paulette's, a French restaurant near where we live. It is an old and established place in Memphis. I have never eaten there before, but Dabney has eaten there before and really liked it. We ate there to celebrate two years of dating and wanted to go to someplace special. We had brunch there and by the people eating there, it was a group of regulars that have been going there for years and years. I had the spinach souffle crepe and it was amazing. There was the warm gooey spinach ins inside a light and tasty souffle. It was delicious, and when I took the first bite there was this explosion of flavors that combined together in my mouth. It was incredible and makes you realize how special eating can be. Too often we go for the easy or convenient instead of something really good. It's what I enjoy about cooking to be able to create things, and to combine different kinds of food in a way that touches all the senses sight, smell, and taste. It was an excellent way to spend an anniversary.

Two Years

Two years ago, at this very minute, I had come home from work and was getting ready to go and see some friends who were having their cd release party at the Hi-Tone. I was hoping that a certain someone was going to show up at the show, but I wasn't sure if he would or not. I got dressed and ran by Huey's to see Duncan, who was working behind the bar. I grabbed a quick drink and double checked that I was wearing the right clothes.

Little did I know that night was going to change my life. The boy was there. We decided to make the jump from friendship to relationship. We are getting married in six weeks.

However, it is amazing to me how much is different. The house is not the same - we moved in together. The job is not the same - I got laid off almost a year ago, and I still haven't found a new job. I am not the same as I was that night, but I think I am better.

Don't misunderstand - there are days that I am terrified. I don't make the amount of money I need to. I don't have a job with benefits, which means I don't have insurance and I will lose money the days I take off to get married. It is terrifying to me and I have started having panic attacks about money.

What I do have, though, is the love of a good man. He is sweet and loving, and some days I do not deserve him. It has been two years since my life has changed, and I am loving every minute of it.