Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bernie vs Hillary: Day after Michigan

  I posted about the Bernie versus Hillary yesterday, and I was ready to concede that Clinton Campaign was on the verge of putting the race away. She looked she was poised for big wins in Michigan and Mississippi, and while she did get the Mississippi win, Bernie Sanders put up a huge upset win in Michigan. I understand that the overall course of the race has not changed, but even with every structural advantage Hillary Clinton has, she is still struggling to win consistently outside of the South. Next week Clinton has another chance to break this trend with primaries in Illinois and Ohio. If the Clinton wins in those two states, and if she combines that with probable wins in Florida and North Carolina her campaign will be back on track to her being the nominee. If she loses or has close wins, there will be no reason for Sanders to quit any time soon, because the race is about to shift to more Northern and Western states. The campaign seems to sense that are at crucial junction, because they have flooded MSNBC with a steady stream of surrogates to say that Michigan was a tough fight, but things are still on the right course. I was feeling pretty good until today, and I got hit with wave after wave justification of Hillary losing Michigan is not a big deal. Now I just feel a bit testy and annoyed by Team Clinton. I know she is just playing the same math game that Obama used in 2008, and no matter what I will support Hillary in the Fall, I just need a break from it today.

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